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A selection of my drawing, painting, and animation.

Gloucestershire Wildlife trust

Recently I've worked on a couple projects with GWT, both within a pretty short time frame from briefing to final piece. I quite like to work like this as you haven't got time to be precious and just get things done!

I was tasked with creating the artwork and then doing the layout design.

Little Lost Elephant

Financial Ltd asked me to produce a short piece of Christmas animation last year. Something simple and fun, something to bring a smile to you face after the hard financial year we hard gone through.

I jumped at the chance, 2D animation is something close to my heart and this was a chance to do something I had not done for a long time. I chose to use flash and keep everything simple and graphic, nothing to complex so I didn't get bogged down with detail.

Mudwig Sculpt

I'm still not to sure how this came about. Through a friend of a friend of a friend I was asked to produce a 3D model for an exhibition on behalf of Dan Sparks. They had planned to use a 3d printer to produce the initial sculpt and then have it bronzed.

It was a fun product and was mostly completed on the train between Cheltenham and Cardiff over a couple of weeks working from Dan's drawing. If you have ever seen Dan's work then you will realise how tricky it was to interpret in 3D, liquid feathery meat is the only way I can describe it but I think I met the brief.

Various Work

Some of my favourite pieces from over the years. Produced in various mediums, acrylics, water colour, ink and digital. I have always liked to draw and don't ever see my self stopping, its great to create something without the need for complex software. Just an idea, some paper and pencil, oh yeah, and sometimes paint!

All enquiries welcome, please click here for contact details and drop me a line. Thanks!